Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wade's love for snow...

What a winter it has been! I have to laugh every time I hear someone complain about how much snow we've gotten because (as many of you already know) at our house snow is a BIG DEAL! Every time there is even a mention that snow could be on the way, Wade is on the lookout! He has loved snow ever since he was a little boy in East Texas. After having a few days in a row above freezing, almost all the snow that was on the ground is now gone. I am looking forward to Spring and I love walking outside and hearing birds chirping, but I do hope it snows at least one more time this season for my Wade. If this becomes a more permanent place for us to live we are definitely going to have to go all out and get proper snow gear! (snow boots, sleds, waterproof pants, etc...) I know I've gotten a lot tougher though when I can now think that 28-32 degrees feels so good! (Much better than those days with highs of 17!) Here are some pics from a snow day we had recently.
      Snow Angels!!

By the time we got outside in the snow, most of it had dried building a snowman was pretty challenging. We had to start with some that had already been piled and packed together a little bit.
Before long though, we had a crude form, eyes, a nose, arms and a hat!

Job well done!


What a fun day playing in the snow!

Here are the poor ducks trying to survive this Hoosier winter

One day it will be so nice if we ever have a garage...but for now we have the joy of cleaning the snow off our cars before we go anywhere :)

The snow is so reflective that night time looks like day!

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