Sunday, March 28, 2010

Balcony Oases

Flowers are so cool and they just make everything more cheerful! I had been talking to Wade about gettin some window box type things and flowers for our balcony. I actually thought this was a project we might work on while his parents were down visiting, but I should've known better, hehe... Saturday I thought we were just going to look at the planters and stuff and we ended up coming home with planters...and...more flowers than we had room to plant! lol... We have several different colors of pansies and this smaller version called violas (they look just like little pansies to me) And, we have sever different bulbs that we are trying to get to grow.

So, right now these look just like pots of dirt for the most part, BUT I'm hopeful that with water, sun and time they will one day be full of gladiolis, dahlias, calla lillies and tulips! Kinda hard when you have zero yard to work with, but we did our best to get some soil on the patio where they stand a chance to grow.

After the bulbs bloom out and it's too hot for the pansies, I hope to plant some pretty perennials...we'll see how it all turns out. For now though, I am loving our patio and sneak out there often to look at, talk to, and sing to the flowers.

One of our favorite features, hehe, is the tricycle that's poppin a wheely on the balcony railing...that was Wade's finishing touch and I love it! The white lights add a nice ambiance for patio sittin

Hello pretty flowers! Keep blooming!

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