Monday, March 8, 2010

Let the visitors begin!

This weekend kicked off the beginning of a string of family visitors! We will have at least one family memeber up to visit each month through May! Let the good times roll..I hope...JUST KIDDIN! We love having our family up!

Wade's Dad, Mike, and his wife, Jan, made the long drive from East Texas up here to Indy. The Lord gave us the warmest weather of the year and gave us real hope that Spring is just around the corner. We spent the day going around downtown Carmel and Indianapolis. The streets that had once been completely vacant were crawling with people like us, anxious to be outdoors and breathing in fresh air (without freezing, hehe). We had a blast just going in different shops, walking, and talking. We stopped in at Bub's Burgers for about a good burger! Definitely the best one I've had in a long time. None of us were brave enough to go for "The Big Ugly" a 22 oz. hamburger...uugh...but there were plenty of pictures on the wall of those that took the challenge and conquered, hehe.

Wade & Mike downtown Carmel

Wade needed some help crossing, thankfully there was an officer around to help out!

Look, no bulkey coats!

We stopped in to see what we could find at a two story antique store...some very cool stuff! Wade even found me a vinyl of my very first Randy Travis CD! Still know every song on there...
Wade also found me a nice fur to wear on these still chilly days...

Always fun to explore old things

We also made a stop at one of my all time favorite kinds of stores...a CANDY SHOP!
Just look at all those lovely chocolates! It's a dangerous place where there is candy available by the pound!
I tried to show a little restraint though and stuck with this adorable milk chocolate truffle lady bug! SO CUTE! (and even tastier!)

(Had to take a picture of my shoes while they're still white...)

A beautiful day....more to come!!

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Thomas said...

Ohhh, your so spoiled now. I had you spoiled, but Wade! Take it easy. What are you going to do in Twenty?? Glad your warming up there though. Mom's coming soon. Love, Dad