Monday, March 29, 2010

Palm Sunday

I remember growing up and always looking forward to Palm Sunday. The children were the ones that ushered the service in. We would all gather in a back classroom where we would be given palm branches. Then we would go out waving our palm branches down the aisle, singing as went.We would lay our palms down at the front at the altar and find our way back to our parents. I loved waving my palm branch and singing to the Lord.

Yesterday brought back those memories once again as we all sang to Jesus, the only one worthy of our praise. During one of the songs, the girls came out with their palm branches and did a beautiful dance with them. They waved them around as they danced to the music and I was overcome with tears. Tears of grief and sadness, but also, even more so of deep deep comfort.

My baby cousin, Hannah Spoon, died in May last year from a fatal car accident. She was only 3 years old and precious as can be. Here's a sweet picture of her at her last Christmas on earth with us.

Somehow, watching those girls sing and dance, I thought of Hannah. And I thought, O God, thank you, thank you. Is this what Hannah gets to do all day now...sing to you, dance for you, praise you, be in your presence? Palm Sunday was only the beginning--of the greatest trajedy and triumph in all of time. The Christ crucified, BUT the grave couldn't hold him and HE AROSE! HE LIVES! Thank you, Lord, that you have conquered death and that we have eternal life with you when we repent, believe and accept your gift of eternal life.

Here is Celeste, Hannah, Cassandra and Sarah (my beautiful cousins)

Here is Kim, Hannah's mom, holding her and smiling so beautifully

Hosanna in the Highest!!

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Sassy Cassie said...

I totally just cried while reading this post. But so comforted to think that she is with Jesus.