Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Break 2010

As we all knew it would...time flew by while Mom was here, BUT we had such a wonderful time together.
We spent our days going around town, watching our favorite shows (mostly HGTV) and of course, Pride & Prejudice, and sewing.

Whew, this bag took a lot of time, but it sure did turn out CUTE! If anyone wants one, you better put your order in now, hehe...

Inside, lots of pockets! Hurray! (Figuring out how to get the lining sewn in was quite the challenge. The pattern wasn't that clear, but Mom stayed with it until she got it!)

Friday night Jacque & Ben came over and Mom showed us how to make her famous chicken enchiladas!

Everyone got involved

Here's Jacque learning how to roll 'em on up!
They sure turned out yummy!!

Ben & Wade waitin on the finishing touches

Saturday we took it easy that morning and had lunch at the Original Pancake House. Then we took mom to the fancy mall and went in stores they don't have in Lubbock, TX, like Sacks Fifth Avenue, Tiffany's and Burberry's and the Sony Store. Wade was a trooper and we had fun looking at all the stores. We have a hard time believing though that people actually have enough money to spend at those stores...and...that there are some that do! Sometimes shopping makes me sad though because there are some that are just filling their lives with things because they don't know the satisfaction and peace that comes from knowing the Heavenly Father.

Before we took Mom to the airport we stopped and had a famous Bub's Burger. It was warm enough to sit outside on the patio! It was fun to watch all the people out and about on the Monon Trail.

I sure am thankful for this time Mom had to come and spend the week with us. I'll always treasure the memories we made together.Being together makes me realize how much I am like my mom, hehe, and that's a good thing. She's the strongest woman I know. LOVE YOU MOM!


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