Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Enid Collins Vintage Box Purse

I found this awesome little purse at a shop yesterday! It is just too cute! I started researching Enid Collins and she has a cool story! Check out these pics!

She was a rancher's wife and started making purses to help make ends meet, but they became so popular that she even landed a deal with Neiman Marcus! She had several different themes and this is from the Money Tree III collection. She hand painted and designed each purse. This one is made of mahogany and has gold coins and amber colored rhinestones as embellishments.

The inside of e lid is signed and shows that is was made in 1965. The mirror is a little foggy in places, but the rest of the box is in great condition

The original tag is even still with the box!

Our little oasis

So far our flowers are growing like crazy! With highs in the upper 90s to 100 each day lately We do have to water them a lot because the liners in the hanging baskets let the water run right through, but so good!

I loved planting flowers growing up, but it just never failed that as soon as they started looking really nice....a big hail storm would come and wipe them out! Or the sun would just scorch them to death!

Even on these hot days, sitting in the shade with the little fan going isn't too bad at all. The flowers are cheery and the colors are lovely. We love sittin out there and watching the hummingbirds battle it out :) we have at least six right now, but as fast as they're starting to drain the feeders I think we might even have a few more than that! (that's another thing we don't see in the panhandle)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ring bearer pillow

It is definitely the season of weddings...summertime!

Being off work has been great! I am getting work on projects I've had going :) our friend Colleen is getting married and this is for her ceremony. I finished this ring bearer pillow last night. It turned out so great!

This is my first monochromatic pillow and I love it! With more time off, I am looking forward to making more pillows and seeing what else I can come up with...

Sunday, June 5, 2011


This little guy rolled into our lives and stole our hearts! He is just too cute!!

Mom has wanted a Yorkie for at least the past ten was a spur of the moment decision, I bought him for my mom--then I ended up falling in love with him myself!

He is now is the Panhandle with mom and dad enjoying the great planes....but not the Great Dane, lol....since arriving in west Texas Toby has had to be a survivor, but he's hanging in there with help from the fam!
I'm on the hunt for a Yorkie of my own now, hehe, I figured out they eat a little less than Domino....

Mom & Dad now have two extremes, lol, and love each of them! Hopefully Domino and Toby can be friends one day.... :)

Dad had to save Toby from the jaws and paws of Domino one night...after a dropped phone and beer, much screaming from Toby (and mom) Toby escaped unharmed, only shaking and scared....everyone is on full alert now!