Sunday, June 5, 2011


This little guy rolled into our lives and stole our hearts! He is just too cute!!

Mom has wanted a Yorkie for at least the past ten was a spur of the moment decision, I bought him for my mom--then I ended up falling in love with him myself!

He is now is the Panhandle with mom and dad enjoying the great planes....but not the Great Dane, lol....since arriving in west Texas Toby has had to be a survivor, but he's hanging in there with help from the fam!
I'm on the hunt for a Yorkie of my own now, hehe, I figured out they eat a little less than Domino....

Mom & Dad now have two extremes, lol, and love each of them! Hopefully Domino and Toby can be friends one day.... :)

Dad had to save Toby from the jaws and paws of Domino one night...after a dropped phone and beer, much screaming from Toby (and mom) Toby escaped unharmed, only shaking and scared....everyone is on full alert now!

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