Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Enid Collins Vintage Box Purse

I found this awesome little purse at a shop yesterday! It is just too cute! I started researching Enid Collins and she has a cool story! Check out these pics!

She was a rancher's wife and started making purses to help make ends meet, but they became so popular that she even landed a deal with Neiman Marcus! She had several different themes and this is from the Money Tree III collection. She hand painted and designed each purse. This one is made of mahogany and has gold coins and amber colored rhinestones as embellishments.

The inside of e lid is signed and shows that is was made in 1965. The mirror is a little foggy in places, but the rest of the box is in great condition

The original tag is even still with the box!

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Katie said...

I love this! I have an Enid Collins Box Bag, too!!! I found it at a garage sale. I did my research as well--so fun. I love finding treasures like that!