Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Our little oasis

So far our flowers are growing like crazy! With highs in the upper 90s to 100 each day lately We do have to water them a lot because the liners in the hanging baskets let the water run right through, but so good!

I loved planting flowers growing up, but it just never failed that as soon as they started looking really nice....a big hail storm would come and wipe them out! Or the sun would just scorch them to death!

Even on these hot days, sitting in the shade with the little fan going isn't too bad at all. The flowers are cheery and the colors are lovely. We love sittin out there and watching the hummingbirds battle it out :) we have at least six right now, but as fast as they're starting to drain the feeders I think we might even have a few more than that! (that's another thing we don't see in the panhandle)

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