Friday, October 28, 2011

Challenges, fun times, and cooler weather!

Happy Friday everyone! I know that if you're anything like me you're wondering where the week went...? Time passes so quickly!

A little recap:
It has been a pretty productive week here though :) I got several pillows embellished and it's my goal to get them totally finished up today!
Metal stamping is definitely in the weekend plans!

Our Little W has been keeping us busy, the potty training is still not where I'd like it to be and I feel like i run up and down from our apt every 45 minutes when he's, but I'm sure this too will pass.
This morning he peed on the tile before I could get him downstairs (he'd only been out of his house like a minute!) Then I went ahead and took him down...he did his number 2 so I thought all was good...not 2 minutes after getting back upstairs he dropped another surprise in his favorite corner! sigh! lol...
We've been ringing his the "door bells" each trip out but now he acts like ringing the bells is a vending machine! Ring the bells, get a treat...not ring the bells because I have to go outside, lol...
So, after some clean up and play time, he is back in his house so I can work :)

Wade and I have really enjoyed watching the Texas Rangers! I didn't make it through one of the best games ever last night...I fell asleep hard in the 6th inning :( I'm going to stay up tonight though!!
Wade was just made for cooler weather and he is loving this! I'm sure we'll go for another walk this evening and we'll leave the windows open, lol, even though I'll wake up freezing :) it's great to bundle up!

What a blessing to have an opportunity to tell more folks about GFA and how the Lord is working in Asia! I made a great friend in the process and my heart is always encouraged as I remind others that God is at work and moving powerfully!!

And... I won my friend's giveaway for a signed poster!! Didn't win the recordable book :( but maybe next time!

Come on Rangers!!

Pillows in progress!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Recordable Book Giveaway!!

My friend is doing a FREE giveaway for a recordable children's book from Dayspring :) It is very easy to enter (just gotta leave a comment)!
This ends October 27th so don't delay :)
Check out her blog and enter to win! I entered and I hope that I win! :)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Grooming Day!

Winston had a his second trip to the groomer's today :) He sure does look cute and smell great! He had so much fun playin with the other dogs there--he wasn't even ready to come home, but when he did get home, he crashed out, lol...

Isn't he the cutest??

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mid October--already?

Whoa.... I don't know about you, but I am just finding it hard to believe that it is mid October already!
Things have been moving right along here, but we would really love some cooler weather to make it really feel like fall.
I have been very busy making pillows and jewelry. Hope you can check out my etsy site. But here some pics of a few things I have made recently.

Growing fast

Well, our little guy is growing fast! It's so funny how fast he learns different "tricks" and it seems he is always thinking of someway to be mischievous, lol....

He now leaps up and down from the couch and wants to explore every inch of the great outdoors! His gnawing skills are waaaay better....thankfully he's starting to take more interest in chew bones than our hands!

he is definitely part cat i think...
One day he was such a couch potato! This was the first time he ever slept outside his kennel and I think it's hilarious!

and then he moved...just a little

His new bone is almost as big as him, but it's great because it keeps him busy for hours!