Saturday, February 26, 2011

First Catch of the Year

Last Saturday was absolutely gorgeous here in East Texas!! I guess the fish were hungry after winter time because they were bightin! We kept 15 bass and caught about 19! Wade and I haven't caught that many bass at one time together ever! Big Wes and Wade and I all caught 5 that we kept. We were having such a great time, we didn't even notice we were sunburning!

There were no monsters that day, but 1.5 to 2 pounders that were really fun to reel in!

If we were still in Indy this scene would be at least another month away!!
(And the fish would be even smaller, hehe)

It seemed like when one person got a hit, the next person was right behind them...2 at time, not bad!!

Can't wait to catch some more!!
Here fishy fishy fishy....

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Questioning Christ

This is from Ravi Zacharias' daily Slice of Infinity email, long, but definitely worth the read.

Questioning Christ
I have often referenced the quote by the talk-show host Larry King, in his response to a particular question: "If you could select any one person across all of history to interview, who would it be?" Mr. King's answer was that he would like to interview Jesus Christ. When the questioner followed with, "And what would you like to ask him?" King replied, "I would like to ask him if he was indeed virgin-born. The answer to that question would define history for me." The first time I requested permission through a common friend to use this quote of his, he sent word saying, "And tell him I was not being facetious." I believe him. Who would not like to interview Jesus Christ?

It is not possible to live without asking questions—and what better source for the answers than the one who claimed to be the way, the truth, and the life? If one could only be face to face with him from whom life comes, how delightful would be those moments when the most confounding questions of life are raised. Though unaware that they were walking with the risen Christ, the men who walked on the Emmaus Road said that their hearts burned within them as he opened up the past, the present, and the future. When they realized who he was, a light for all of history had been turned on.

In the same way, it may be that when the time comes to sit across the table from the Lord of history, the answer to the skeptic and the believer will be more visible than it will be in need of utterance. Ironically, this clue came to me in the form of a question inscribed on a painting I saw in a pastor's office in Puerto Rico. Just before we went into the sanctuary, my eyes caught a glimpse of it directly in front of his desk. It was the picture of a little girl holding the hand of Jesus, even as he tenderly gazed at her. She was clasping his hand as she asked him, "Que paso con tus manos?"—"What happened to your hands?" That question, I suspect, contains the answer to both the doubt of the skeptic and the duplicity of the believer.

It also carries Larry King's question to a more profound level. The virgin birth may only prove to the skeptic that naturalism cannot explain the world's existence, that God has supernaturally intervened in history. In a supernatural framework that is possible. But "What happened to your hands?" answers what it takes to rescue this life of mine from self-serving intellect or from self-glorifying moralizing to others, and brings me to a place from which I no longer live but Christ lives in me. It buries the self that seeks the self and brings to birth the fullest person that God has so uniquely endowed. That is to say, in the cross I find my definitive loss that I might obtain my greatest gain. Only when the skeptic and the believer can see in my hands the marks that prompt "What happened to your hands?" can life's questions cease and answers pour forth from the depths of the soul.

From talk-show hosts to all of us who wrestle with life's questions, the answer is the same. The longer I have lived the more I come to believe that it is not evidence of which we are short, nor the knowledge of discipleship of which we are deprived. For most, what we lack is the courage and contentment to go to the cross and to die to ourselves, prompting the world to ask, "What happened to your hands?" There, the purpose of history and the purpose of life converge. Our questions will always remain. But these two for me are reminders of where the answers ultimately have to lead. With this in mind, Calvin Miller, said:

"The sermon and the Spirit always work in combination to pronounce liberation. Sometimes the Spirit and sermon do supply direct answers to human need but most often they answer indirectly. The sermon no matter how sincere cannot solve these unsolvable problems. Rather, together with the Spirit the sermon exists to point out that having answers is not essential to living. What is essential is the sense of God's presence during dark seasons of questioning. Our need for specific answers is dissolved in the greater issue of the Lordship of Christ over all questions—those that have answers and those that don't."

To Miller's statement I would just change the last line to read, "Those that have only intellectual answers and those that transcend the intellect." Or better still, "Those that Bethlehem can answer and those that only Calvary can."
Ravi Zacharias is founder and chairman of the board of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My First Poem

I've never really written a poem before that I know of (besides an acrostic which doesn't really count!) On the way to work this morning I saw birds flying and this came to me...I know it's nothin fancy, but I really like it and it's a great reminder to me.


Like a black ribbon along the sky
they flutter and they fly
No worry, no care or burdens to bare

Because moment by moment they live
going on what the Father gives

Not even the darkest night can stifle their song
as branch to branch they move along

Teaching us to also sing
no matter what life may bring

Because we too know
our Father loves us
and is in control.

                                 --Jacqueline Pate

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Busy Bee...

I have been so happy at the response to my jewelry! I have been kept busy by requests and have enjoyed every  minute!
This is the new font that I just got in. I really like this font and wanted to put my theme for the year on a pendant. The Lord keeps reminding me to sow generously--2 Corinthians 9:6

This is my first necklace using a copper washer and it has a cool look. It's for a baseball mom.

This is definitely one of my favorite ones yet! This necklace is for a mom with 2 boys. I love how the names and discs are stacked and cupped together.

It's always good to remember your anniversary!

These are both birthday gifts!

I have a couple more orders to do right now and also have a pillow going that I am close to finishing...If you need something special just let me know!
It's going to be a beautiful day here, hope it's the same where you are!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Just In...Cookie Monster is on the loose....

We just went downstairs to workout and get the mail and this wonderful surprise was waiting in our mailbox!! Thanks Mom and Dad!!

These cookies won't make it long at our house!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Wade sent me the most beautiful flowers! There are daisies, roses and carnations.

I made some homeade valentines this year and had so much fun with it!
As I was making them, I thought about making Valentine boxes for school with Mom. I was so fascinated at how she could cut perfect hearts! I wanted to so badly but mine never came out as good as hers. I watched her put lace on the box, doilies and hearts...I just loved my Valentine boxes. I had to smile today as I watched all the little kids proudly bring their boxes. I'm so thankful my mom took the time do make something so special with me--memories.

Praise the Lord that HIS love NEVER FAILS! I am so thankful that we can love others because He first loved us.

Mom, Dad and Grandma your Valentine's are coming in the mail :) :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow Days

Today is Wade and Mine's 2 and half year anniversary!! Happy Anniversary!
It has been a truly wonderful 2.5 years and I am so thankful for how the Lord has knit our hearts together and continues to do so! I LOVE YOU!

Last Friday it snowed! The Lord brought Wade another taste of winter. We got our first snow day of the year. I was totally off and Wade worked from home. We managed to get out and play a little though during lunch!

Here is our duck billed snow man!! I think he turned out mighty cute myself!

These are the triplets! We were going to try and build a big snowman but figured out really fast that the snow was almost all powder! It wasn't sticking together well so we went for minis, hehe....

Here is Wade next to his favorite tree. It is a pretty cool tree and you can really tell when all the leaves are gone.

Here's the love of my life!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Endless fun!

I have had so much fun stamping these. I must admit that I had to start over a couple of times on different ones because of some miss hits (and hit fingers...ouch) BUT the end result is so worth it!!

This necklace is for an 11 year old girl that loves the Lord--may her love continue to grow!

This is for a teacher that I work with at the school. She told me her grandfather always told her this while she was growing up. I love it. My comfort lies in my faith in Jesus too!

This one is for a grandmother...three grandkids...2 twins!!

This is a cool copper bar that you can stamp on all four sides.

And don't forget to....
He's got it all under control! (even, no especially, when we don't think so!)