Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Wade sent me the most beautiful flowers! There are daisies, roses and carnations.

I made some homeade valentines this year and had so much fun with it!
As I was making them, I thought about making Valentine boxes for school with Mom. I was so fascinated at how she could cut perfect hearts! I wanted to so badly but mine never came out as good as hers. I watched her put lace on the box, doilies and hearts...I just loved my Valentine boxes. I had to smile today as I watched all the little kids proudly bring their boxes. I'm so thankful my mom took the time do make something so special with me--memories.

Praise the Lord that HIS love NEVER FAILS! I am so thankful that we can love others because He first loved us.

Mom, Dad and Grandma your Valentine's are coming in the mail :) :)

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