Thursday, March 18, 2010

tote bags...part 1

So, before Mom came I decided I wanted to make something with her while she was here...I chose tote bags! So, the first hurdle for me was actually even finding a pattern...I had to ask the lady at the sewing store how to even locate a pattern! ( I felt like I was in an old school library that still had card catalogs!) She showed me how to look in the back of the clothes pattern books to the "accesories" part, sure 'nough, there they were. Hmmm....hurdle two...figuring out how many different materials I needed and how much of each....I remember saying in Jr. High, when am I ever going to use all this fraction stuff?! Welcome to sewing 101...hehe...Well, for anyone who knows me, the next hurdle was actually picking the fabric! I decided to wait until Mom came to do that with her, so she could also pick something she wanted. We ended up not being able to find material that was already quilted that we liked, so Mom talked me into just quilting the one that she wanted. At first I thought it was going to be really hard, but it's not hard, it just takes time. AND, it's looking terrific! We found some awesome fabric on sale and it looks even better quilted. It's been fun and she's having a great time doing something she never gets to do. I'm glad she was here too because she's actually sewn with a pattern before and this is all new to me!
Wade has been gone for work, sad face, but he is coming home today!! We'll get to show him all the work (or play) we've been doing! It's been nice though to just have time with Mom, but we're both looking forward to Wade being back! He's so much fun! The weather has been just beautiful and today is supposed to be even warmer!! A whole 65 degrees!! Yee haw! Alright, I gotta go...time to sew and run a few errands before work time arrives! I'll post the finished product soon!!

Getting started!!

The pattern paper is so fragile, pretty cool how they have cut outs for four different bags in each pattern packet!

At first, quilting seemed a little overwhelming, BUT

Once Mom got going, she made it look easy! Also, I learned my new sewing machine had a handy foot just for quilting that has this cool guide leg thing!

Ta da!! It's neat how much quilting added to the design!

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