Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Finishing Projects

I love starting projects, especially crafty/sewing projects, but I admit, sometimes it takes me a while to get them totally finished up. (Except for the pillows, I can't hardly rest until I finish the one I'm working on!)

I pieced this quilt in the summer of '07 in ONE day! I really only had one day to get it done so I  worked on it from sun up to sun down that day. I got it sent off to the lady in Arkansas who quilts it and received it in the fall. All that was left was to put the binding on most dreaded part, lol, because you're supposed to finish it by 3 years later...

Well, I finally decided I was ready to actually use it and not just have it sittin in a bag in my closet. So, I bought some binding, read instructions on how to attach the binding...didn't like the way they were doing and did it my own way...where I didn't have to sew anything by hand! I wrapped the binding around the edges and just sewed both sides at the same time! Works for me and it's usable now!! Hurray!!

I love that the back is just as pretty as the front! The quilter used pink thread that looks so pretty on the white.

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