Monday, April 12, 2010

Big Catch!

The weather here this weekend was just goreous!! We went fishing in the pond at our apartments. Up until yesterday, we hadn't been able to snag any fish yet...BUT after several bait changes, I was able to get this BIG one! hehe...

And, I kinda felt like I was cheating a little bit...the water is pretty clear so I was able to watch the whole catch! I saw the fish swim up--he was extremely interested in that little red worm...i moved it just a tad and he quickly followed. Then I watched him nibble the tail and finally take a bite and start to swim away..that's when I snagged him! I reeled him in and ta da, here he is! (After this photo, the fish was quickly and gently reintroduced to his natural habitat)

Wade is still workin on his first catch, but i'm guessin he's not far behind!

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