Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend!!

Christ the Lord is risen today, Hallelujah!! Jesus has conquered the grave and sin! Nothing can separate us from the love of Jesus Christ! Praise the Lord that this life is not the end and that those who belong to Jesus will live with him forever. How amazing that we serve a living God and that Jesus is ALIVE and goes before the Father on our behalf. Thank you Jesus for giving your life for us and taking the burden of our sin on yourself. Thank you for making a way for us. Amazing love.

 We had such a wonderful Easter weekend!! Wade's mom and step dad flew in for the weekend. We went to Brown County for the first time Saturday and enjoyed looking in all the cute shops while it rained and then walked around the little lake that's there. The weather was just gorgeous. It's always a blessing to have family around, especially during times of celebration. We had lots of good laughs, times and food. I missed my side of the family but am thankful they were able to celebrate together.

Here's lots of fun photos from the weekend!!

                                          Here's me and Angela at some shops in Nashville

While we were at Brown County there were frogs EVERYWHERE!! I have never seen so many frogs before..frogs on a mission...

Eeeew!! Haven't picked up a frog in a very long time...don't know why I felt like doing it Saturday, hehe... but...i think the frog mistaked me for somebody else...

On our way around the lake, Angela and I got a little hungry....wood chips were on the menu!

The beavers had really been at

Angela and Big Wes have such a love for nature and when we're together we always go out looking for whatever we can see, usually deer though. Even though there are lots of homes and traffic around here, we can walk right down the road and see deer sometimes.

Be very very quiet...we're hunting deer...

We stopped by the park and sat on the swings awhile as we waited for deer to come out. We did see 5 one night crossing the road and 3 next night in the corn field. Fun stuff!

Okay, so i thought it was funny that "miracle" was printed on the swing seat!! hehe...

Wade was gettin some good height on his swing

Here's Angela and me 

At the pond at our apartments we usually see geese, just not roosting in tall sycamore trees!! Angela and Big Wes didn't believe us at first that this goose lives in this tree! So glad he was home when we went for our walk. We named him Zacheus!!

Friday I went downtown with my coworkers to watch the Final Four teams practice and talk about traffic! It took us 45 minutes from here to get where we could park and walk to Lucas Oil Stadium.

People came out in droves for the practices!!

Here's the gang...Top left:Adam, then Yusef is next to Adam.
Front left: Jeff and then me

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