Monday, July 19, 2010

PA Family

Wade & I made a super fast trip to PA for the weekend to see my family there! It was so good to see everybody!!

This is Gary and Kathy's new house!! We love it and are so happy for them!

Kathy was posing in the yard...she looks like she's practicing Vanna's job!

We went out for Italian ice....yum!

I was so happy to see Lindsey and Jim! I haven't seen them since their wedding almost a year ago. We had a blast catching up on life and basketball.

I wish I was able to go back to PA more, but it's such a blessing that when I do make it back, everyone is waiting for us with open arms. We love you, Gary, Kathy, Amanda, Jinny, Susie, Ed, Bettye, Paul, Carol, George, Joni, Sam, Deb, Rick, Ron, Cindy, Jamie, Jason, and on and on it goes...

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