Monday, July 19, 2010

100% Hoops

Here's the family! These guys have taught me so much over the past year!! Last night we all went out to Maggiano's for a going a way dinner...the food was absolutely delicious!!
We were all waddling out of there, lol...

Jeff and Brittnee

Tim & CC

CT & Me

Wade & Me

Jeff & Adam, hehe...these two are always makin me laugh!

Here's a couple of the nice gifts they gave me

Here's CT's ride, just perfect for him!

I sure am going to miss these guys. It's never easy for me to say goodbye and this move is turning out to be especially tough. People ask me if I get tired of moving, but it we wouldn't have moved around, I'd never have met these guys and so many other awesome people.  I am amazed how God weaves our lives together and realize more and more that all the places I have lived have been more about meeting certain people, than what actually took me there (like basketball or jobs).  The Lord has been so good to me and blessed me with great people to work with and lifelong friends.

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