Thursday, July 22, 2010

Good friends and another year gone by...

We moved to Indianpolis right at a year ago. We had no idea what God had for us then, but oh how He has blessed our time here. Our first Sunday we went to College Park Church and found a family of believers there that encouraged us, taught us, and who we worshipped the Lord alongside. Not long after that, we met Ben & Jacque--who introduced us to Scott & Lindsay, Missy, and Ian.  

Our small group met weekly to share what the Lord was teaching us in our current study, to encourage one another in Christ, pray together and to fellowship. We've had so many laughs and fun trips.

I'm positive that the things Wade & I will miss most about Indy are not things at all, it will be the people, our friends we have made. Every place we have both lived the Lord has shown his faithfulness in providing who and what we needed for that time in our lives. I have no doubt He will continue to do so! He has the whole picture in mind and weaves our lives together in amazing ways! God is truly the Grand Weaver.

It's funny that we mostly got to be good friends with Ben & Jacque because they didn't have a TV and would come over to our place to watch football games or whatever the big sport was at the time! I don't know how many times Jacque and I have called each other to borrow something one of us did not have or to have each other pick something up at the grocery store (usually bananas for Wade!)

Scott & Lindsay are just such wonderful people, I mean they are from the South, even if it is Louisianna! I remember finding out that Scott's folks now live and works very close to were Wade grew up. They welcomed us into the small group and encouraged us in our running journey this year. Lindsay always knows the coolest places to eat too! They have such kind hearts and have blessed our lives.

Here's Missy! What a spark she brings to our group. She is so outgoing and opinionated and she loves the Lord! She is a fashionista stuck in Indy, hoping to spread her wings and break free soon!!

I can't wait to see what all the Lord has in store for our group! The miles may separate us, but we have a bond in Christ that can never be broken!

"Better a neighbor nearby than a brother far away." --Proverbs 27:10

Saying goodbye to people you love is never easy, but in this life it's an ongoing process until one day, we are with the Savior and have eternity together! We are so looking forward to our move back to Texas, to be closer to our families and to see what the Lord has for us there.

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