Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Old Stomping Grounds


What a difference in greenery from this year to last! I remember going out with my brother to shoot guns last year and being so dirty and dusty. Everything we stepped on just disintegrated it was so dry. The draw looks beautiful right now though.



My brother, Tommy, is an awesome marksman and I love going out to shoot guns with him. He’s practiced so much he can calculate for different distances and wind speeds with ease.

We shot the AR-15 and his BIG gun, lol, don’t know what it’s actually called. I was a tad rusty but got the feel back pretty quickly. I hit the target several times from 100 yards with this gun. As I shot, my arms got tired and it got harder for me to keep the gun still and on target but overall, I did good.





Tommy has hit targets from at least 900 yards with this gun!!

We only had time to get to 500 yards, but I hit the target every time I shot!! (even in 20 mph winds!!) There are knobs on the scope to adjust for wind and distance. Tommy would tell me where to set those and then I would adjust the height of the gun with a small bean bag in my left hand that sets under the butt of the gun. Then you just set the sights on the target, relax and pull the trigger. (and of course, hold the gun tight to your shoulder!!)






After we shot the AR-15, Tommy spray painted the target so we could easily tell where we hit with the big gun.








A nasty storm was rolling in so we had to cut our outing short. The wind and dirt were BAD, but it was fun to watch the storm roll in.

Thanks Bro for a really fun time!!

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