Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Winston's Top 12

We wake up laughing every day at the funny things our puppy does!

Top 12 Moments and Things Winston Does:

  • His favorite game is to find our socks and then run around the apartment with them like he has found the greatest prize ever!

  • He hides under the big chair when he knows he's in trouble or when he doesn't want to go to his house

  • The way he jumps around crazily when Wade gets home and then runs to me like, "he's home! he's home!"

  • How at about 9:30-9:45 we hear him crunching away in a late night food binge

    • He "digs" on pillows to try and bury his favorite bones and now he has started hiding his toys behind the curtains!

    • He barks at his reflection in the windows like he's a bad ole dog, but when he gets scared he halls butt in the opposite direction.

    • Being let off his leash to run in the woods freely is definitely on the top of his fav list as well. He runs and runs and runs out there. That's about the only way we can half way tire him out.

    • The next morning after his neutering surgery, Wade put him in bed with me (like he does sometimes), as Wade walked out of the room, Winston went to the edge of the bed to watch Wade. I innocently reached over to grab him and my arm felt a HUGE wet spot! He had peed all on my bed with ZERO warning! lul, we moved right into action of stripping the bed and washing everything. I read online of several people who that had happened to after their dogs had surgery as well. (should have looked that up first, lul)

    • How he will only play with one toy or bone for a little while before returning to his basket to pull something else out. By the end of the day, his basket is empty and his toys are strewn all over the house, lol...maybe one day he'll learn to put them back...
    • The way he zooms around the living room as fast he can, growling and breathing so hard until one of us can finally snatch him up in our arms. It usually takes both of us to coral him.

      • The way he comes out of his crate each morning, so sleepily...yawning and streeeeetching it out.

      • The way he will finally fall asleep in the evening and then wake himself up barking as if to show that he really wasn't asleep at all, lol...

      • These may be silly things, but we thank the Lord for the laughter and joy he brings in the every day moments.
        We look forward to laughing at him some more tonight! What are some of the funny things your pet does??

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    Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

    I love it! Winston is adorable! I think it is so cute when our dog crunches food. :) I am hoping he also learns to put away the all the toys and bones he gets out. lol Oh... the morning stretching it out is too cute! What a blessing it is to have a special dog in our lives!