Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spring Break!!

This week I'm off of work for Spring Break! I am already having such a wonderful time. I'm resting and finishing up projects that I've had going. Yesterday I stamped most of the day. Today I'm finishing up a pillow and working on adding length to my curtains!! It's cloudy and cool outside...the way I like it!

This is a locket style necklace I made for my friend Kathy. It has all her grandchildren's names on the inside.

I moved the birthstone crystals for the picture, but there's one for each of them as well.

This is a necklace I have been wanting to make for a while. It is a great reminder that Jesus said He will make us fishers of men in Mark 1:7. Are we fishing for men to bring into the Kingdom of our Lord?

A lot of people really like this set up and I can see why!

As you can see from the date below, a new baby was just added to this family. A lady ordered it for her friend to give to the Mom. What a great gift!

Mom wanted this verse on a keychain. I remember us singing a song that goes with this verse. I still sing this song...we learned it when we were probably 7 years old...a great reminder and promise....to TRUST in the LORD and HE will make our paths straight.

Here's another washer necklace for a Jr. High guy! I'm not great a photographing, especially copper...the color always comes out a little funny no matter what I try! But, it looks really good in person!

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