Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Beginning of Spring 2011

So far this Spring has already been full of fun and beauty! We have been able to go fishin a few times and everything is in full bloom. This is my first Spring to really experience the Azaleas of Tyler and they are gorgeous!

With the sun being out longer, we have more time to enjoy the outdoors! We've been walking most afternoons and can even go to the park and run afer work now (when we want to avoid the hills!)

Here's my little bass I caught the other day while actually fishing for crappy under the bridge!

A friend of Wade's Grandaddy's spray painted his name on one of the columns under the bridge where they would always fish together before he went to be with the Lord.

Here's a few pictures from around where we live.

Yesterday afternoon I was sitting on the balcony reading when I heard a buzzing noise that I hadn't heard in a while...I looked up and there was the most beautiful ruby throated hummingbird!! He was staring right at me but as soon as I looked at him, off he zoomed. I hurried and got our feeder ready and put it outside, but with all these flowers in bloom...I doubt I'll see him again for a while! He's got the real stuff right now!

This was our first fish to catch from the bank at Lake Bellwood by our apartments. Usually we just end up casting, but I broke the streak!!

I got to see a couple of my cousinsm, Steph & Sarah, when we went to Olton this last time. They were all in planning mode for the big family reunion that's coming up in June!

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