Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wheel of a Lifetime!

(that's when I'll be on the show!!)
This is the only picture of the studio that I have from my Wheel Experience. Wade snapped this picture on their way in and almost wasn't let in because of it!! NO PICTURES were allowed, hope my memory holds well. After the show airs I will share more details!! :)
I haven't been that nervous in a long time...I told the guy that was on the show with me that I should've brought my inhaler, he laughed and said, well...I brought mine b/c I thought I might need it too!
It is definitely a memory of a lifetime and one that I'm so happy I can share with my friends and family.

Here's us tryin to catch our breath before dinner

We went to Santa Monica Pier for dinner.
We had a great seafood, a great view of the ocean and great conversation.

This cool, year round carnival was set right by the water on the pier.
It was great to hear the crashing of the ocean waves again!

Mom & I had to sit on the bench and wait for the bus like Forest. Mom's even got the shoes on!!

So glad Mom and Dad were there with us!
We had fun playing a trivia game with waiter about Forest Gump. They couldn't stump mom!! She loves that show!!

This is my good friend, James. It's funny the people we meet in our lifetimes. So glad we got to see him while we were there. He lives in LA and loves that crazy busy lifestyle. He the massage therapist for the Biggest Loser and may have a part on Glee soon...(not that we even watch that show!!) James also is a partner at one of largest plastic surgery facility in the U.S.! Can you tell all the work he's had done??? Just kidding...he hasn't had any work done, lol.

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Emily Davis-Parson said...

I missed it! I thought it was on today! Nooo! Hopefully I can catch it as a rerun! :-(