Tuesday, June 15, 2010


People ask me a lot, what does it look like where you grew up?? hmm...pretty much like this....
I think there's something really beautiful about it though.

It sure was good to be back in our homeland. The only thing that would've made it better is if Wade could've been there with me. You can't beat the good food and fun times. I had such a great time just hanging out with family and friends and enjoying some great West Texas sunsets.

Here's some pictures from the week.

Always good to have the fam together again. I thank the
Lord for more fun memories together and look
forward to more to come.

So glad I was able to see Grandma every day that i was home.
She came over and whooped us in some dominoes...
she's been practicin though!

My bestfriend, Lindi and me. We have more laughs together!!

We celebrated Christopher's 31st birthday while I was in.
He sure was excited about cake, ice cream and PRESENTS!

Here's me and Gabby

Grandma's roses sure were pretty, always so good to be at her house!

Dad broke one of the UV sensitive lenses, but still had one of his only ones, so he rigged them up...
he was playing pirate right here...lol..har har...

Dad and Tommy had been working at the western wear
store all week, so we stopped in on the way to the airport
and I got a new hat...hehe...mine's a little smaller than this
one I tried on...

Yeeee Haaaawww!!


Dre said...

I love that HAT!

Them Pates said...

aww, you did check out the blog!
I can get you one of those if you want, lol...