Friday, June 4, 2010

Roughin it and lovin it!

This past weekend we went to Grayling, Michigan with our friends and had a BLAST! The place we stayed did have electricity, but had no running water, no a/c, no bathroom (porty potty only... but at least it was very clean), and cots to sleep on. The perks though...the place is right on the river, they had all the fishing and kayaking gear we needed, campfires every night, and no need to worry about what we looked like!

I think we all look pretty good considering none of us had a bath for almost 4 days!

Sunday we went kayaking and I have to say that's one of the most fun things I've ever done! The river didn't have rapids or anything, it just moved along at a nice pace. We don't have any pictures of us doing that...for fear we might lose a camera in the river...good thing we didn't take one since Wade and I both flipped a couple of times, lol, at least we cooled off and rinsed off a bit...all part of the adventure!

This was our first time to try out fly fishing. Wade caught 2 little rainbow trout and I caught one little one. It's hard to get that line out there just right! Ben has been fly fishing since he was 12 so he was a lot better at the casting part than us! Glad he was there to show us the ropes!

I had to admit this was the first time in my life I've ever prayed for BUGS to come out! I'm usually praying they go away! It was so cool though to see them come and then the fish went crazy! (they didn't want my fly, but they sure did want to live ones!) We stayed out fishing one night until 11:00 pm! I sure thought I was doing good fishiing in the dark! My form was just perfect and I just knew that line was laying out there perfectly....until...I got back in the light only to see I had been fishing with a knot of line right by my fly for who knows how long! hehe...

I am proud to say that none of us got sunburned over the weekend even though we were outside all day each day!

What a great weekend to just be free, play outside, get tired, eat marshmallows and sleep! We were all glad to get back to civilization though and get a nice shower. Lookin forward to our next adventure!

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