Monday, May 17, 2010

Penguins and a fun weekend!

I am always amazed by the creativity and talents that God gives to people. While we were working a booth for Gospel for Asia we met a man in the Creation booth next to us. He was very nice and we all talked throughout the day. He is quite talented and had even built a replica to scale of Noah's Ark for their booth. He sent us what he made and gave out as Christmas gifts this past year! So he carves them and paints them himself! With each penguin set he includes a copy of the story of  Jesus' birth.

                                                                   They are too cute!

We praise the Lord for our brother Joe, he was an atheist for many many years of his life and now has been redeemed by the Lord! He had a hard time with the science part and did not see how the two met, but now he does see and uses his free time to share with others how the Lord saved him. God is soo good!

Saturday morning we went out to our pond and fished a while, caught the most fish we had all Spring. 
(5 total and 8 if count the ones that I lost right before I got them to shore!)

I think my fish is bigger...hehe, even though Wade caught more Saturday

I love Wade's face in this pic, hehe, I can just see him makin that same face when he was 7...

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