Monday, March 19, 2012

White River Fishing Trip



Wade and I have heard about the great fishing on the White River for sometime and we decided this was the year for us to go! Instead of going by ourselves though, we thought it was time to get our parents together. We haven’t all been together since our wedding three and half years ago! So my planner, Wade, got all the details together and we went this past Wednesday.


It was every bit as good as we had hoped for!! The weather was perfect and we caught over 150 fish in 2 days! That’s the most fish by far I’ve ever caught, not to mention in 2 days! We were able to be choosey and keep our limit of 5 fish apiece each day.


Wade caught a really nice Brown Trout. Catching a brown trout is rare so it was cool that all but one of us got to reel one in, but you can’t keep a Brown unless it’s at least 24 inches long (and that’s even more rare!).



Mom actually caught the first Brown. (that’s the guide, Albee, holding mom’s fish for her). I think she won the most fish caught category! Every time we looked her way, that pole tip was bent and she as reeling one in!


There was definitely some trash talk going on by day two, but I think that just made it even more fun.



DSC01936We were also celebrating that exactly 9 years ago Wade and I met each other for the first time in Dallas at an FCA banquet. Neither one of us had a clue at the time that the Lord was introducing us to our future spouse! God was just keeping our story interesting :)


So, for all you singles out there…keep trusting the Lord, you may have already met your future spouse and just don’t know it yet! It was over 2 and half years before Wade and I even spoke again! But God is the Grand Weaver and He is always working His plans out for His glory and our good!






Dad was trying to act like he caught this big one, but it was all mine! (he did help me get it off the hook though!)


The river itself is absolutely beautiful…the water is super clear and you can see the shoals and rocks all the way along the bottom.

The houses along the banks aren’t too shabby either. I think I could live in this one.


We learned how Bull Shoals got its name. Cotton used to be transported up the White River on narrow rafts. The rafts were then pushed up the river by slaves that the people called “bulls.” The bottom of the river has flat looking rocks that are called “shoals,” thus Bull Shoals Lake came about.


This was our first Bald Eagle to see in the wild. He sure did look pretty flying across the sky!!






DSC01872 We all stayed together in a cute cabin by Bull Shoals Lake called The Hermitage.

We brought groceries and took turns cooking each meal.

Mom made her famous carne guisada with beans and rice one night and then Angela fried some fresh caught trout while dad grilled up some burgers another night!








We played horse shoes and sat on the deck, taking iDSC01948n the beautiful views and peace and quiet.











None of us really knew how to play, so we just made up our own rules, lol, and it was very fun that way!


Winston and Toby had so much fun chasing each other around and exploring the woods.

We tried to keep a pretty close eye on them though…lots of hawks were flying about….




It was great that we were all able to fish together on one boat! The only guide service that takes out more than 3 more people at a time is White River Family Fishing. We would definitely recommend them to anyone that wants to take a family trip! Our guide, Albee, was great!




Here’s my Brown trout!!









Here’s a few other fun pics from the trip.

We are so thankful for our family and this is trip we will never forget!!













Sassy Cassie said...

so fun! I'm glad I got to see you for a litle bit :)

Them Pates said...

soooo am I! I hope you can come stay with us a couple days sometime :) I always have so much fun with you!