Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love Languages

This is the day for LOVE so let's talk about it!

Does it sometimes feel like you and the person you love are speaking a completely different language? Well, you really might be!

In Gary Chapman's book, The Five Love Languages, he touches on the different ways people receive and express love.

Love Language #1: Words of Affirmation
--Compliments, words of encouragement and requests rather than demands

Love Language #2: Quality Time
--Spending quality time through sharing, listening, and participating in joint meaningful activities

Love Language #3: Receiving Gifts
--These can be purchased or made by yourself

Love Language #4: Acts of Service
--Your loved one does things for you (ex. taking out the trash, picking up the bathroom, mowing the lawn, etc..)

Love Language #5: Physical Touch
--may be the smallest touch on the shoulder or a deep kiss

People definitely give and receive love in different ways. Sometimes we make the mistake of thinking that how we feel most loved is the way the other person feels most loved. For example, if I feel most loved by spending quality time with a person, I might think that that's the best way to show my love as well. I think by spending time with that person, they will know that I love them, when in actuality they may enjoy spending time with you but not really feel loved because their love language is receiving gifts.

To find out what your love language is Gary says we should ask the following questions:

**What do you request most?

**What makes you feel most loved?

**What hurts you deeply?

**What do you desire most of all?

I think it's very important to try and figure out what your personal love language is and what the love language of your spouse is AND then to communicate that to each other. If you don't find this out, you both could be trying to show each other you love one another, but neither one is really feeling as loved as they could.

After finding out your love languages, put it into action! Their love language may not be your particular favorite thing to do, but out of love, you can sacrifice and show your spouse that you love them in the way that is most meaningful to them. Watch and see how they respond!

(these same love languages apply to each person and so can apply to any relationship, be that of a friend or your own child, but I think it's most important to start with whomever is closest to you)

Click on The Five Love Languages to learn more.

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