Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy Friday and a Tribute to my Wife

Happy Friday… it’s kind of hard for to swallow that we almost already have 2 months of 2010 in the books. In many ways, I don’t know where all the time goes - but I agree with Kenny – it sure goes fast. Looks like another cold and snowy weekend in Indy. We could pick up a light snow on Saturday and maybe a pretty good winter storm on Sunday night into Monday. For those that don’t know, I love the weather… I watch the weather channel at least once a day. However, I liked the weather channel much better in years past when they had more weather and not all that they are like the ESPN of weather. I could see them one day having Weather Channel 2 were they do there affiliate weather programs and Weather Century where they do all theeir historical programming. Don’t get me wrong, I’m quite fascinated by the weather, but it’s a bit overkill for me. But one thing holds true, (and this I like) local on the 8’s of the hour and the 5-day planner at 20 minutes after the hour (as long as one of those other programs aren’t on at that time – lol). Those are my two favorite programs... and I'm really enjoying the variety of music that plays during the local on the 8's these days!!!

It looks like a pretty calm weekend for the Pates - just hanging out, getting some things done at the apartment, hopefully getting the taxes filed (looks like I’ll be sending Uncle Sam some more $), maybe going for a run, going to church, and just having fun with the wifey. I’m sure my wife will be hard at work creating a new pillow… she’s got patience and skills that far exceed my own. I can’t say enough good things about my wife. I know many husbands would contend with me that there wife is “the best”, but I too would vie for that honored position. I won’t write a love novel on here, but I do want to say that she’s beautifully and wonderfully my wife each and every day. I’ve only had the honor of being married to her for a little over 18 months, but every day has been good, and I mean every single day. I think what I might enjoy most about my wife is that she finds joy in the Lord – makes my task of pleasing her so easy.

Seriously, if she was not happy and content with Christ and where He has her and what He’s given her and is doing with Her in His world, there’s no amount of provision, or protection, or romance, or fun-times that I could give her that could even come close to satisfying her. I thank God, that in His grace, He lets me do nice things for her that supplement the joy He’s already given her, but I’m not the least bit fooled that she’s a happy girl because I’m “that great of a husband”. I know He’s the reason she is who she is, and He’s also the reason I can even provide anything for her. Maybe it sounds too cliché, but speaking from the heart, because she’s satisfied in Him, I have the freedom to love her out of devotion and desire and not out of duty. I don’t have to take care of her, she’s already taken care of, and because of that, I just to get to enjoy all that she is and share in that joy with her. She's the most fun I've ever had. It's hard to leave the best thing I have in my life at the house every morning and come work - maybe I'll get to retire here soon - lol.

I’m so thankful for Jacqueline – for her forgiveness and grace that she extends to me and the love she pours into my life; a love that I’ve come to know as unconditional. I don’t know, even though I strive for it, if I’ll ever be able to love my wife as unconditionally as she loves me. I think my mom and my wife are two people on this earth who would love me no matter what… whether I’m being “the man” or being a jerk. I don’t know what all that does for a man, but it sure seems to “free” me up knowing that I don’t have to win her heart. Thank you Lord for giving me an earthly example, although I know it pales in comparison, of just an inkling of what your love is like. I just pray Lord that you would increase my love for You and allow me to pass that to my wife in the purest and deepest way that I can. I’ve often read that verse in the third chapter of Ephesians where it talks about how God can do ”immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine” and thought of my wife… she’s the God-given example of God doing just that in my life. Thank you Lord for giving me such a great wife and for the all the days (You’ve already numbered them I know ) I’ll get to spend by her side. I’m humbled and honored that You would consider me for such a blessing…. Teach me more and more each day how to love her like you loved the church.

The Sacred Romance: Drawing Closer to the Heart of God

“Contentment is never wanting less, that’s the easy way out. Anybody can look holy if he’s killed his heart; the real test is to have your heart burning within you and have the patience to enjoy what there is now to enjoy, while waiting with eager anticipation for the feast to come.”
    - John Eldridge (The Sacred Romance)

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